Design & Machining Technology that Accommodates the Innovator In You

Posted October 5, 2012 9:11 am   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

Small businesses can now afford to compete with large scale operations in the CAD/CAM industry. BobCAD-CAM offers inexpensive modular software, which means designers can acquire CAD design only without having to pay for the CAM machining module if it’s not necessary.

BobCAD-CAM CAD CAM softwareBobCAD-CAM’s software is not just for big shops. It is perfect for home, freelance and small business designers too. It’s a suite of products packing big shop power at a small shop price. Hundreds of design features allow the user to create simple or complex parts faster, including part dimensioning as well as creating prints with dimensions on them.

Focusing on CAD design, the CAD module provides hybrid modeling technology that allows the designer to work with wireframes, surfaces or solids in any order. Tasks such as drawing and editing are simplified by features that automatically extract wireframe geometry from a surface or a solid or build surfaces and creating solid extrusions from wireframes. The software”™s ability to quickly and easily translate geometry from other design products makes collaboration between designers and clients simple and efficient.

With the design phase complete, the software allows the designer to export popular file types that compatible with most CAM Software products, once again making it easier for the designer to collaborate with the client and machine shops that are ready to make chips.

The CAD software is priced so affordably that even the home designer or hobbyist can acquire it easily ““ this accessibility is what truly sets BobCAD-CAM apart from other leading CAD products. BobCAD-CAM software provides the largest body of powerful drawing and modeling tools in CAD for the cost, making the software available for anyone with a need to innovate.

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