Dynamic New CAD Features in BobCAD-CAM V30

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In our BobCAD-CAM V30 release, we introduced a new method of filleting with the option to fillet an entire chain of entities, or multiple chains of entities at once. We brought that same functionality to the Chamfer function and added another option for both Fillet and Chamfer to give you three possible methods.
Fillet Chamfer Menu
-Single Corner Click
-Sharp Corner Offset
-Scale Sketch Handle

The Single Corner Click option allows you to hover over the intersection of two entities. Once you are hovering, you’ll see a preview of the executable Fillet or Chamfer. Click and the Fillet or Chamfer will be created.

Corner Pick Fillet

Another great timesaving feature for wireframe comes in the form of our Offset function for sharp corners. Rather than creating offsets then deleting the arcs and trimming the remaining lines together, Sharp Corner Offset does it all for you! Offset sharp corners
Improvements to both wireframe and surface solid modeling was made to the scaling of an object. In the past, scaling objects meant entering different scale values and checking the resulting preview for changes that needed to be made. Now, the Scale Sketch Handle is our solution for time-consuming scaling adjustments. Simply click on the Scale Sketch Handle and drag your mouse to adjust the scale to the desired size. Click again and set the value. It’s that easy!
Dynamic Scale
BobCAD-CAM V30 CAD enhancements are setting industry standards. Our revamped CAD picking manager gives users greater control over the selection of geometry for their surface creation.
Cross Section Surface geometry manager
In the past, getting the order of the selection incorrect would usually result in canceling and reopening the function in order to do it again. Our solution? Picking managers for the selected geometry. These list boxes have controls to delete geometry, reverse chains and adjust the order of the selected geometry when necessary.
CAD Preview
The greatest benefit of the new selection aspect of these functions is being able to try different things to see how they affect the preview of the result before finalizing.
These Surface and Solid Modeling features use the new geometry picking manager:
Surfaces- Planar, Extrude Curve, Extrude Surface, Revolve, Sweep, Cross Section, Skin, Offset, 3 Edge, 4 Edge, Multisided Patch, Fillet, Intersection Curves, Break Surface, Swung, Ruled
Solids- Fillet, Add, Subtract, Intersect, Extrude Boss, Extrude Cut, Split, Shell, Imprint
Another time-saving feature is our new Imprint function. It does the work of several different steps in one easy-to-use workflow. Imprint allows you to extrude a shape, subtract a model from it, and keep the model you’re subtracting.
V30’s measure function allows users to directly measure the edges or vertices on solids and surfaces. You can also measure an entire solid with the Pick Solid option. The Measure Two function allows you to measure snap points on solids and surfaces.
Measure surface and solid edges
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We continue to look for better ways to make improvements that benefit our customers. To learn more about V30’s improvements:

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