New BobCAD-CAM v26 Equidistant Offset REST Finishing

Posted December 11, 2013 12:01 pm   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

cnc-cad-cam-program-softwareBobCAD-CAM software provides some of the best CAD-CAM CNC Programming capabilities in the industry for CNC Milling, Routing, WaterJet and more. Popular add-on modules are also available for CNC Lathe programming, Artistic CAD-CAM as well as Nesting or sheet optimization, which allows you to eliminate scrap and optimize balance between production throughput and material yield.

The latest BobCAD-CAM v26 CAD-CAM software has just received an update and, among the new functions of this update we have included a powerful and easy-to-use CAM function called “REST Finishing” to the Equidistant toolpath. This is an operation very similar to what other CAM software programs call “constant cusp” or “scallop” and improves the effectiveness of the CNC finishing toolpath.

Equidistant Offset REST Finishing Toolpath Operation
The BobCAD-CAM Equidistant Offset toolpath operation allows you to create an exceptional finishing toolpath that maintains the exact cutter step-over regardless of the surface complexity, allowing you to obtain a very nice finished result as efficiently as possible in CAM.
cnc-equidistant-REST-cad-cam-machine-simulationThe new v26 Mill 3 Axis PRO allows you to enter a previous tool diameter and the software automatically finds the areas that the previous tool could not reach, and creates an optimized finishing toolpath for only the left over material. Until now the REST operation was only available in the Mill 3 Axis PRO Advanced Roughing feature.

By adding the REST operation to the existing Equidistant Offset finishing, you can maximize the efficiency of creating complex programs that have areas that require 2 finishing tools because of regions that have tight corners or bosses in them. Like the Advanced Roughing REST operation, this REST finishing function is within the Equidistant Offset operation inside the Mill 3 Axis PRO Machining Wizard.

Download a FREE demo of the latest v26 CAD-CAM software and experience the difference today or call 877-262-2231 and speak to a CAM specialist about the benefits of adding the v26 Mill 3 Axis PRO to your CNC toolkit.

Here is a v26 CAM Clip video that provides insight on this new REST finishing function:

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