New CAD Design Software Training Release

Posted April 8, 2014 3:03 pm   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

new-cad-design-training-videos-and-booksClearwater, FL – BobCAD-CAM has just released their new CAD Design software Training Video Series. The new training video series is dedicated to teaching customers how to use the CAD Design side of the software at a pace that makes learning fun! For years BobCAD-CAM has been producing training video products for their software so that customers can learn at their own pace as well as being able to use them for reference. Each video series includes a digital workbook with special training lessons as well as a video index that lists out each individual video, making the product great for planned training sessions because the video lengths are also listed. Not to mention, this is a perfect training product for individual learning as a customer can simply pick the feature videos they need help with.

BobCAD-CAM software has more than 160 individual CAD features and with over 60 training videos covering these features you are sure to become an expert CAD user fast. Videos include training on solid modeling, surface construction, editing features, gears, sprockets and even CAMS. Asa bonus in this series, actual CAD files are included to help you learn faster. BobCAD-CAM also offers training video box sets for their CNC Milling software as well as their CNC lathe CAD/CAM software to help customers become successful with their CAD-CAM systems.


New CAD Design Software Training Release
Article Name
New CAD Design Software Training Release
BobCAD-CAM has released their NEW CAD Design Training Professor Video Series. This new training video series offers all new CAD training videos that teach design with BobCAD-CAM. Learn More Here.

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