Quick Tip: 3 Axis Undercutting

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An undercut is a situation where material is removed from an area of a workpiece such that the remaining material forms a recessed or lower surface relative to the surrounding area. In other words, an undercut is a shape that is created when a cutting tool removes material from an area that can’t be reached from above. Undercuts can occur in a variety of manufacturing processes including in sign making.


In some cases, undercuts can be desirable, as they can add aesthetic or functional value to a part. For example, an undercut in a gear tooth can help to prevent slippage and improve torque transmission. In other cases, undercuts can be problematic, as they can create stress concentrations or weaken the structural integrity of a part.  In our case we are creating a 3D sign and want to have a more realistic look by programming undercuts into the project.


What resources are available for learning more about 3 Axis undercutting?

4 Axis Router Seminars

Many resources are available for learning more about programming and using a CNC router with a fourth axis. These include online tutorials, user forums, one-on-one, and professional training seminars. CAD CAM software providers often offer training and support to help users get up to speed quickly.

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