Tech Tuesday: You Downloaded a Demo of V34… What’s Next?

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Tech Tuesday is a weekly blog that addresses some of the most common questions and concerns that I hear throughout the previous week from users of BobCAD’s CNC software. Both customers and future customers are more than welcome to leave a comment on what they would like to see covered for the following Tech Tuesday. If you missed last week’s Tech Tuesday, click here.

In today’s Tech Tuesday, we will walk you through the necessary steps to register your demo. After you’ve downloaded the demo, what do you do next? Are there any limitations? Keep reading and get in-the-know with this week’s Tech Tuesday.

Step 1: Download the Demo

The first step you’ll need to take if you haven’t already is to download the demo. If you haven’t taken this step click here.   Click “Try IT Free” then enter your email in the pop-up form. After clicking download now, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a direct download link for the software. It’s about 800 megabytes, so make sure to use a good internet connection.

Step 2: Install the Demo

After you’ve downloaded the software it should automatically install. If it doesn’t, check your download folder and double-click on the install file to manually start the install process.

bobcad cnc software demo mode


Step 3: Register the Demo

You’ll need to use the registration wizard to request a demo license before you can start using the demo. The demo license is a text file that is sent to the email address you enter in the registration wizard. You’ll save this file and attach it to the registration wizard. If you don’t see the demo license email, check your spam or junk folder. If you do not receive this email call 877-262-2231 and speak with an account manager for assistance.

bobcad cnc software demo mode

Step 4: Start Testing the Software

Now that the software is download & registered, you’re able to start testing the software. Are there any limitations to the demo? Yes. The following restrictions are present when test driving a demo of the software:

  • Files created in demo mode cannot be shared or used in a full version
  • Posting Code is limited to 20 lines
  • You can not use RS-232 communications

bobcad cnc software demo mode

Questions? Call 877-262-2231 to speak with a CAD CAM Pro!

Thank you so much for reading another Tech Tuesday; see you next week!


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BobCAD-CAM has provided CAD-CAM CNC Software products to the global manufacturing industry for over 30 years. BobCAD-CAM software can be found to increase CNC productivity for many applications in aerospace, automotive, production manufacturing, mold making, general machining, woodworking as well as the medical manufacturing industry, consumer products, musical instruments, custom fabrication, defense industry and many others due to the products ability to automatically generate NC programming code for such a wide variety of CNC controllers. BobCAD-CAM software is also found in educational institutions throughout the world as well as independent hobby home use. Products include machining technology for 2, 3, 4 & 5 Axis CNC Milling, Routing, Waterjet, Plasma and Laser machines as well as 2 Axis CNC Lathe. BobCAD-CAM is modular allowing shops to start off at a reduced technology level and add technology as it is needed including an add-on, BobART, for artistic machining. Unique technology includes adaptive high-speed machining multiaxis milling and routing which is a first in the world of CAD-CAM software. BobCAD-CAM also provides a variety of quality training products that include regional and online training classes or private sessions tailored to specific applications. Professional certification and multi-tiered support solutions are available. Contact BobCAD-CAM directly for more information at 877-262-2231 or 727-442-3554.

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