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The release of BobCAD-CAM V30 CAD-CAM software brings strong updates to existing modules as well as the introduction of our Mill 3 Axis Premium module. Purchasing the Mill 3 Axis Premium module means users get access to all of our Mill 3 Axis technology included in Mill Express, Mill 3 Axis Standard and Mill 3 Axis Pro. Exclusive to Mill 3 Axis Premium are 8 additional surface based Toolpaths:

    Flowline operation in CAM software


  • Flowline
  • Parallel Cuts
  • Cuts Along Curve
  • Morph Between 2 Curves
  • Parallel to Multiple Curves
  • Project Curves
  • Morph Between Surfaces
  • Parallel to Surface

If your CAM software generates 3D Toolpaths, that must mean that it’s surface based, right? Not quite. Most likely your surfaces or solids that you selected are being converted into 3D meshes which your CAM system then uses to generate Toolpaths. What makes surface based Toolpaths different is that they are generated using surface data directly. Although 3 Axis Pro mesh Toolpaths may be easier to use, there may be some limitations or extra steps that are required for specific models. This is where surface based CAD-CAM Toolpaths can be a solid solution to more complex machining. Machinists have seen reduced cycle times on jobs requiring surface machining and jobs that call for mold making & die machining have become less complex to complete. Individuals who would like to try BobCAD-CAM’s new Mill 3 Axis Premium module can download a BobCAD-CAM V30 demo today and experience the impact that our high-quality CAD-CAM software will make.

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