Learn to Make Parts Better, Faster & Easier

Learn on Your Schedule with BobCAD-CAM's Mill Training video series. With over 300 highly-informative videos covering an array of topics, you'll be cutting parts faster and gain the expertise to take on larger more profitable projects. Mill Training Professor makes it Easy to Learn.

Learn how to…

  • Set up, Navigate & Customize UI
  • Wireframe Creation Essentials
  • 2D to 3D Workflow
  • Step By Step Progressive Learning
  • Plus Much More!

Complete Set Includes:

  • 303 Easily Navigated Training Videos (DVD)
  • Over 20 Hours of Training
  • Example projects with PDF follow along workbook.(DVD)

Video Library Covers:

  • General Use
  • Wireframe
  • Geometry Editing
  • Dimensions & Measurements
  • 3D Design & 2D/3D Drawing
  • CAM
  • Machining Examples

BobCAD-CAM Professional Training Options

On-Site Seminars
Customized training classes offered right at your shop. Learn how to utilize all features of the software allowing you to become more productive and save time, including tips and tricks that help you maximize efficiency. Every question is relative when it’s being asked by a coworker, so every minute of the training is beneficial for everyone.
Learn more about our On-Site Training, call us Toll Free at 877-262-2231
In-House Seminars
Join us at our home office in sunny Clearwater, Florida, located just 10 minutes from the white sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. Choose from a wide selection of standard CNC programming and CAD design coursework or create a personalized curriculum with our training team that best fits your manufacturing industry and job types.
Learn more about our In-House Training, call us Toll Free at 877-262-2231
Online Seminars
The online training is conveniently done in hourly increments around your schedule to minimize disruption of production. Receive 1 on 1, live instruction on the computer and via the telephone from one of our training specialists. Available for BobCAD-CAM & BobCAM for SolidWorks™.
Learn more about our Online Training, call us Toll Free at 877-262-2231
3-Day Local Seminars
Our local training seminars are 3-day events of complete CAD/CAM training that are designed to assist you in becoming proficient in using the BobCAD-CAM Software. Our 3-Day CAD-CAM Training Seminars are offered at various locations around America.
Learn more about our Local Training, call us Toll Free at 877-262-2231

We have had great success for well over 20 years.

" I’ve been on some very expensive engineering courses that could not come close to the quality of this. "

Ian | Training Attendee

" This shaved hundreds of hours off my learning curve. "

Jan | Training Attendee

" The instructor truly has a gift, and that gift is teaching others. "

D.N. Jr. | Training Attendee