Utilizing BobCAD’s Top-of-Feature Turning Toolpath Constraints

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Constraints are used as a boundary to control where the toolpath is created. They are also used as the base point of which the rapid plane will increment from. Today’s article will take you through the options that BobCAD provides when utilizing the Lathe CNC software.
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The following are 3 options you have at your disposal when turning and how to use them. Let’s check it out.
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When it comes to turning cycles, BobCAD uses one of the 3 constraint options to limit where toolpath is created. Top of feature constraints is a very powerful tool that puts the user in control over where toolpath is created.
bobcad cnc software
1. From Stock: sets the Top of feature to the highest point of the stock diameter.
bobcad cnc software
2. From Geometry: set the Top of feature from the highest point of the selected feature geometry to the value entered.
bobcad cnc software
3. Custom: allows you to select a point or the snap point of an entity to set the height of the feature.

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From the Stock:
Every time you set up a job, you’ll have to run the stock wizard to define your stock geometry.
You can define stock as a boundary for your toolpath. The most common adjustment might be adjusting the OD of stock to force the toolpath to make more passes in X. This constraint also affects where toolpath is created on the front side and the backside of the part.
In this example, you can see the stock is just outside of the face of the part.
bobcad cnc software
When we calculate our toolpath, we see the toolpath is being driven by the stock geometry.
If we want the toolpath to start further off the end of the part, we can use our stock to make this adjustment. Edit your stock geometry to add more stock to the face of the part.
bobcad cnc software
Now that we’ve added the extra stock, just recompute your toolpath.
bobcad cnc software
You’ll notice how the toolpath is again starting off the stock geometry and working its way in.
From Geometry:
Our next Constraint option is based on the selected geometry. Instead of using the stock as the constraint, you can use the selected geometry to control where toolpath is created. Just like in this groove example, if we use the stock geometry as our constraint, you can see how the toolpath starts off the OD of the part.
bobcad cnc software
Now let’s change the top of feature constraint to selected geometry and see the effect this change has on our toolpath.
bobcad cnc software
Again, another powerful tool that allows the user to program where they want toolpath based on constraints.
From Custom
The final constraint you can use to control your toolpath is from custom. Custom offers the user the ability to add an incremental value from the selected geometry extending where the toolpath would be created. Like in this example, where we are doing an ID cycle.
bobcad cnc software
As you can see the toolpath is driven by the selected geometry. Now, what if we wanted to take a few extra cuts in X? We can use the selected geometry and the custom constraint to accomplish this.
bobcad cnc software

That’s all the good information we have for today. Now that you know the 3 constraint options that are available to you, give them a shot using your BobCAD CNC Software. If there was something that wasn’t clear, please feel free to comment below and we will get to you ASAP.

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