Best CAD CAM Features for 4 Axis CNC Routers 2023

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Discover what the Best CAD CAM features for 4 Axis CNC Routers in 2023, the ones that make it easy to program your 4-axis projects like 4 Axis wood carvings, 4 Axis columns, 4 Axis furniture legs, and more~! If you are considering your first 4-Axis CNC router or own a 3-Axis router and you added the extra rotary axis, this blog post is for you.  This week we will cover various 4 Axis CAD-CAM features related to 4-Axis CNC routers, including indexing, wrapping rotary, advanced rotary, and Turn mill.


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What are the Best CAD CAM Features for 4-Axis CNC Routers?

Let’s look at common ways CNC wood shops use  “The Best CAD CAM Features for 4-Axis CNC Routers”  to create wood carvings, columns, and sculptures.

Indexing | Best CAD-CAM Feature 4-Axis CNC Routers

Best CAD CAM Features Indexing

Indexing is the best CAD CAM feature for positioning your workpiece with your 4-Axis CNC router.  Making it easy to align part features to be machined perpendicular to your Z axis.   Indexing, sometimes called “clocking your part,” is accomplished with an index system.  Once your index system is established, you can add multiple cutting operations to be executed at that rotation position. Use surface geometry or a coordinate system to ” pick up ” your index system in the CAM Tree.

Wrapping | Best CAD-CAM Feature 4-Axis CNC Routers

Best CAD CAM Features Wrapping

Wrapping is the best CAD CAM feature to programming your 4-Axis CNC router with 2-axis geometry.  It’s a huge time saver, you don’t need to draw your part as a 3D model, making it super easy to add text or create textures and patterns for your 4-axis projects.  Using axis substitution, wrapping groups will automatically convert a 2-axis Y move into “A Moves ” according to your 4-Axis CNC router configuration.

Rotary | Best CAD-CAM Feature 4-Axis CNC Routers

Best CAD CAM Features Rotary

Rotary is the best CAD CAM feature to program your 4 Axis CNC router when working with a solid model, unlike 4 Axis Indexing and 4 Axis wrapping, which can be programmed based on simple 2D  wireframe geometry; Rotary is the first 4 Axis toolpath that works directly with Surface and Solid Models.

Advanced Rotary | Best CAD-CAM Feature 4-Axis CNC Routers

Best CAD CAM Features Advanced Rotary

Advanced Rotary is the best CAD CAM feature for 4 Axis CNC routers using the 3 Axis toolpaths to 4 Axis.  If you’ve programmed a 3D project in the past, it is very likely you used either a Z-level rough or a Planar toolpath operation.  Advanced rotary brings these famous 3-axis cutting patterns to 4 Axis.  The result is a much faster workflow and a more straightforward programming method to rough and finish 4-Axis parts,  Improving how the material is removed with your 4  Axis CNC Router.

Turn Mill |Best CAD-CAM Feature 4-Axis CNC Routers

Best CAD CAM Features Turn Mill

Turn Mill is the best CAD CAM feature for 4 Axis CNC routers when Roughing.  Its off-center programming and lead-in approach to material entry makes it the absolute best 4 Axis CAD-CAM feature for roughing parts in any material.


What is a 4-Axis CNC Router?

A four-axis CNC Routers is a machine tool that is capable of cutting and shaping materials in 4 dimensions.  Unlike a traditional three-axis CNC router that moves in X, Y, and Z.   A four-axis CNC router adds a rotation to the mix, allowing you to cut on different angles to create more complex shapes.

Who uses a 4-Axis CNC Router?

Four-axis CNC routers are commonly used in the woodworking industry to create furniture parts such as legs, arms, and decorative pieces.  They are also used in the manufacturing of signs molds and aerospace components.

Advantages of 4-Axis CNC Routers

One of the most significant advantages of a 4 Axis CNC router is the ability to machine complex parts in a single setup, reducing the need for multiple machines and setups, which saves time and improves accuracy.  A 4th Axis also allows you to machine more aesthetically pleasing parts with smoother curves and sharper angles.


Anyone can achieve 4-axis  success when using the best CAD CAM features and training on how to use them. Make sure to join us this week for our 4 Axis Router CAD CAM tips and tricks that make programming your 4th axis easier.



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