Best 2 Axis CAM Features for SOLIDWORKS | 2023

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Best 2 Axis CAM Feature for SOLIDWORKS | 2023

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Use BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS V10 to program your g-code running CNC mill, router, knee mill, or other CNC machine controlled by X, Y and Z g-code programs. Being one of the most popular design systems on the market, let’s take a look at the Best 2 Axis CAM features for SOLIDWORKS in this week’s blog post and next week’s training event.


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Part or Assembly Mode

Did you know BobCAM’s CAM Tree supports both part or assembly environments? Setup and program your jobs in either a part file or an assembly file.

Easy Toolpath Updates

Creating Toolpath’s in a smart model environment makes tool path updates fast and easy. As you make changes your design, quickly update your CAM tree just by recomputing your toolpaths.

CAM Tree Templates

Why start a new job from scratch when you can import project files from previous jobs? Using BobCAM’s new templates for CAM, users can save their job tree, stock, setup, tools, machining features, and more.

MDI Programming Commands

Use MDI programming to add custom blocks of code anywhere you need them.  Save a list of macros you can use on future jobs.  Gain fine control in posting using MDI with BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS.

CAM Tree Operation Manager

Gain better control over tool updates, operation machining order, and pattern control with BobCAM’s new Operation Tree.  Better organization for tooling and operations with multi-selection drag and drop workflow, direct tool editing and updates, single operation posting, and more.

Edit Operations

Notice something you’d like to update your toolpath? Simply right-click the operation and launch the wizard! Click and compute updating.

Hole Feature Recognition

Find and program holes faster with new automation in hole programming. New rules-based drilling makes it easy to drill holes of all types with BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS.

Profile Cutting Options

Reduce cutting times by keeping your tool in the cut, BobCAM V10 offers new cutting parts and lead-in options that make it easier to lead into small spaces.

Finish Spring Passes

BobCAM V10 Finish Spring Passes

Automatically make additional passes on your final profile, just choose the number of passes desired.

Feed Rate Control

Slow down when you need to with feed rate mapping and adjustments for almost every aspect of your toolpath. Slowing down for corner moves, converting rapids to high speeds, adjusting feed based on volume, and much more, BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS makes it easier with better feedrate control.

New Wire EDM Module

For the first time ever, BobCAM users can now program their two axis wire EDM machine using SOLIDWORKS. This version now has specific support for wire EDM.

Post Processors for SOLIDWORKS

Get the right code to your machine without editing. You can download one of our free post-processors here. If you don’t see your machine/controller model, you can request one here.

Post Processor Training for SOLIDWORKS

BobCAD provides all the self-help resources you would need to fully customize post processors, which includes a dedicated help system and online classes on post building.


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Which toolpath options come with what package?

Use the toolpath matrix and see what toolpath options come with what packages.

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