BobCAD-CAM Makes Customer Support & Service Top Priority

Posted May 25, 2012 1:50 pm   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

May 25, 2011 – Clearwater, FL – BobCAD-CAM has staffed their support and service department and launched an all new customer campaign designed to speed up the length of time it usually takes to get new and existing customers properly serviced. Recently we sat down with Mr. Sean Owen, the Director of Support & Services and asked him a few questions regarding the new program. The first topic that we asked was…What separates BobCAD-CAM from other CAD/CAM providers when a new customer makes a purchase? Owen answered, “BobCAD-CAM support offers some of the best technologies for our customers. We provide user forums, an Online Ticket System and direct telephone number so that customers can reach us fast, not to mention Live Chat capabilities for Level 3 Support Members. We have also incorporated GoToAssit to be able to log-on to our customers computers and diagnosis & troubleshoot any issue with efficiency. Speed of service is being made a major priority. Then we up the quality of the service by putting our service reps through extensive training programs. Lastly, the result is always increased viability for our users. Our support and development team works closely together so that every issue is reviewed and solved. Since we are a direct sales company we are able to communicate directly with our in-house development team. If there is a problem, we get resolutions quickly.”

Then we asked, What is so significant about how BobCAD-CAM supports and services its customers? Owen again responded, “Being a long time CNC programmer & CAD/CAM user, I Understand the frustration that waiting on a call back or response from technical support can be. When your working on a project and you run into a question or problem with your CAD/CAM system, customers cant wait to get their parts and machine moving. Down time is not an option as an end user of any manufacturing software and you simply can’t wait a day or two or even more than an hour or two to get answers. We strive to keep support as near instant as possible, most call backs are handled in under an hour, often near instant service is provided. That’s why we even offer higher tier Support plans for immediate assistance. A product is only as good as the support you get with it. Having worked with other CAD/CAM software I know what both good and bad support services can do for a shops production. We strive to provide the best in services for all customers.”

Finally we asked, what is the biggest issue that customers have with CAD/CAM and how do you handle them so they are successful? Owen answered, “Well, there are really two issues that come up often. The first is usually computer problems. Now days its hard to find a computer that is properly updated and problem free (Not everyone has an IT person or Department to handle these issues.). Often customers call in with stability issues that are related to Virus, Mal-ware or just a computer that is not configured properly with the updates needed for the computer to function properly. We take the extra time to provide resolutions for these problems. Having to support our software often turns into being the “IT Guy” for our customers computers and that’s OK with us. That’s OUR customer on the line. Aside from just questions about our software, the second thing we run into most often is people that are completely new to CNC manufacturing. We do our best to help explain the process and assist with getting started. Although our specialty is the software and its configuration itself, We often find that we need to help out just with overall machining practice and we do so when we can. We go above and beyond in comparison to many other companies, we provide free training material, videos a YouTube channel and weekly training seminars to our customers.”

Every new customer that comes on board receives a special courtesy call within a week of their product delivery by a specialist that is ready to guide the new customer through the installation and setup process. By adding this service, BobCAD-CAM can ensure that every question is answered and that the new customer feels secure.

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