How Family Creates The Next Generation of Manufacturers

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While the Holidays bring family even closer together we can gain a glimpse of how the next generation of manufacturing engineers, machinists and innovators is beginning to shape up! And it’s pretty amazing! Here is just one story of a father introducing his son to the world of manufacturing…

bosssons1Since 1988 Jorge E. Bolanos has owned and operated his small business J. Bolanos Machine shop. The shop has always been a small family owned and operated business with his 3 sons Felipe Bolanos, Juan Bolanos, and Ariel Bolanos learning the trade from their father over the years. The shop has always been ran as a “side project” never really attempting to take on larger more time consuming projects. This was mainly due to the fact everyone of the family members worked full time elsewhere. Jorge a machinist for the University of WI, Juan quality control for Weir Minerals, and Ariel machinist at Middleton Machining. In 2007 Jorge and his wife Mary formed Boss & Sons LLC primarily for legal reasons. After working at two local machine shops for a total of 4 years in 2010, Ariel Bolanos made the decision to move on and try to make something more out what his father had started.

“I will be honest, the software has allowed me to take on projects that I previously would not have even been able to consider. Long handing G code or working from a hand drawing is really a thing of the past. Getting the BobCAD-CAM CNC software with BobART and the proper training of how to use all the software has really pushed us in the right direction. Remember I’m still only using a two axis CNC mill. With the new mill I will be able to take on even more complex parts.”

The BobCAD-CAM software has been introduced and implemented into thousands of shops since 1985 and is continuing to grow throughout the global design and manufacturing sectors because of what it can do, how easy it is to learn and because of the low price. For more information on Mr. Bolanos shop please visit

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