Make Simple Calculations Quickly In Your V31 Data Entry Input Box

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BobCAD-CAM is fully loaded with industry-leading features and designed to save programmers time at the computer. Today we are going to highlight one of those great, time-saving features that you’ll be sure to love. Did you know you could use the input box as a calculator? Follow along and see how it’s done!


Ok, so I already have a job set up here. I went into the shape library and selected the slanted pipe support, extruding the middle. Now we are currently our top view.

top view in your bobcad cnc software

What we want to do next is go to the Create 2D tab and select Arc so we can cut out some holes. I’m going to enter 1.5 into my X value and 1 for my Y value. I’m going to make my radius a quarter-inch and hit OK to save my input.

easy calculations in bobcad's cam software

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You can see we get our first arc applied to the part. This is where we will use the calculator to our advantage in the input box. In your X value, just put +1 after the 1.5 (pictured below).

bobcad calculatiuons inside v31 cam software

Now as you can see, our circle has moved across the X plane by 1 inch, giving us our second arc. This is a great time saver and an easy way to replicate existing steps. Users can add, subtracts or divide. With BobCAD, It’s just that easy!

bobcad cnc software calculators in software

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