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We know you want to program a Full 5 Axis Profile; it’s one of the goals anyone that programs a 5 Axis Mill will want to do.  This week, we will learn about 5 Axis Profile cutting options when comparing standard vs professional, so join us and learn how! 

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5 Axis Professional Best for 5 Axis Profiles:


There are many reasons why your shop might consider a 5 Axis CNC Machine, CNC OEMs like HAAS Automation are making 5 Axis machines affordable for any shop, like their newer UMC 500 with a starting price of USD 133K.

Challenges of Profile Cutting on the 5th Axis:

“You want to get an efficient toolpath and leave a good finish; the New 5 Axis profile options made Mill 5 Axis Professional worth it for me”

What is 5 Axis Wire Frame

This 5 Axis toolpath uses drive curves and orientation lines to control cutting direction and tilt.

What is 5 Axis Projection

It’s a 5 Axis professional toolpath that uses a drive curve and drive surfaces to control the direction of the cut. To control tilt, you can use the drive surface or tilt surface.

What is 5 Axis Swarf

This 5 Axis Professional toolpath uses surfaces, automation, and special controls to profile in 5-axis. Consider having the best control for side milling in 5 Axis.

5 Axis Machine Configuration

Post Processor Training

You are expanding your understanding of 5 Axis programming by taking these online classes and learning how to customize machine configurations and posting for 3, 4, and 5-axis machines.

Which 5 Axis toolpath is Best for 5 Axis Profiles? Make sure to join us this week and find out!


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5 Axis Standard vs 5 Axis Professional | Choose Professional Best for Profiles: June28th @ 1PM

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