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There’s no doubt CAD-CAM is the answer to increasing efficiency in the CNC programming environment. But what makes our users successful is not only having a post processor that is set up correctly but the ability to have access to training videos that help them master the software.

Martin Sprecher operates three CNC mills in two different locations. One of them, a large Monarch mill is programmed 100% by BobCAD-CAM. The conversational programming on this machine is much more difficult to use than writing a program on BobCAD-CAM.

martin sprecher die1The main factor is that with their custom post all the programs are identical in formatting, which is very important for safe operations of the tool changer and fourth axis. Every function of the machine has been addressed in the BobCAD post. This machine is used primarily to produce aluminum billet Ford flathead cylinder heads. The cylinder heads were manually digitized on a CNC mill, then all the points were entered into BobCAD software to create a solid model of the part. The model was used to generate the toolpath and CNC program to machine the heads 100%. “I was able to accomplish this by using our BobCAD-CAM training videos. The finished program has over 20 tools and a run time of over eight hours”, says Martin.
martin sprecher die2At his home shop he uses BobCAD-CAM to program and design products and tools. “I make a lot of formed parts and design the form dies on BobCAD, then program and build them on my CNC mill. My mill has a more user friendly conversational mode so I do use it for drilling, tapping and thread milling. I normally generate at least 20 CNC programs per week. I recently made a plastic injection mold and did all the design and programming on BobCAD, the general shape was circular on top transitioning to triangular at the bottom. I designed the main cavity then used scaling and reduced the size to create the core. Much of this design exceeded my knowledge so I had to once again use the training videos to work through this job. The results were good enough that I am getting more mold work because of it”, Martin continues.
shop pics“I think the most important factor is that I don’t have time and resources to get classroom training on CAD-CAM, so with the BobCAD training videos and the general ease of use I have been successful in doing my work without any outside help”, says Martin.

Their company is Hall Industrial Models. Martin previously owned a company called Precision Machine tooling and specialty. His current business is in a small climate controlled building and works on small parts. The other business is Able Hydraulics where they have done large construction machinery repair and are manufacturing billet heads for flathead Ford engines. They have a Tormach 1100 mill in their shop and a Shizuoka ANS with Camsoft retrofit and a four axis Monarch VMC45B with Delta Dynapath control.
PicsArt_03-01-01.54.42They make a large variety of aircraft parts, high rise sports camera parts and automotive parts as well as custom jewelry and boxes. “I designed and built a fairly complex mold for the camera c ompany and designed and built the aluminum flathead engine heads”, says Martin. “I bought BobCAD-CAM software in the late 90’s when I bought my first CNC mill,” says Martin. He continued by saying, “I couldn’t import solid models into the early versions so I bought another system to do 3d programming and Rhino to do solid modeling. I closed my business around 2005 and worked for a large company operating large SIP jig bore machines until I retired in 2015. I found that BobCAD-CAM could do everything I needed and have since upgraded their latest CAD-CAM modules”, he says.

Martin added, “the feature I like best is the ability to model and program with the same software. I have used other high end software systems that are good at programming but the cad sides are difficult to use. I also needed a system that I could learn quickly. I rely on the whole package to make money I design and make different parts every day, I built many form dies and use the software to import the cad model from the customer then design a die around it and program my CNC machines. The only thing other than BobCAD I use is an inexpensive back plot system the works very well with my programs. The best additional tool BobCAD provides is the training video selection. I have been able to learn functions as I need them”, finished Martin.

Martin Sprecher | Hall Industrial Models | 903-243-3077

BobCAD-CAM has provided CAD-CAM CNC Software products to the global manufacturing industry for over 30 years. BobCAD-CAM software can be found to increase CNC productivity for many applications including educational and independent hobby home use. BobCAD-CAM also provides a variety of quality training products that include regional and online training classes or private sessions tailored to specific applications that can result in professional certification as well as multi-tiered technical support solutions to their service customers.

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