BobCAD Training Reviews

BobCAD-CAM Training Reviews

What Our Customers Are Saying

Aaron Kaufman BobCAD-CAM Training
“I can’t thank you enough. I had an excellent day and will advance the skills I learned today. You are a gifted machinist and make it look easy. You did an excellent job of explaining things so they made sense. I couldn’t be more impressed. Thank you.”

– Aaron Kaufman | Master Mechanic
“I wanted to let you know what a great training program you have. Your trainer really has a way of teaching things so you can understand. The in-class practice of drawing and posting parts was extremely helpful. By doing them in class, it ensured that we understood the operations before moving on to the next function. Day three was the highlight, with questions and answers and the trainer helping work with the parts that I, as a CAD programmer and operator, work on back at the shop. I found this class to be extremely helpful and informative and would recommend it to anyone. You get 5 stars!”

-Josh Kooistra | Heritage by Design
“The training seminar really brought out a lot of capabilities that I didn’t know about. The instructor was a very knowledgeable about the situations that might be dealt with in real life. Thanks to him I like the software even more.”

Training Attendee
“After using the Training CDs, the user is able to build files with precision. This precision maximizes the materials, the size of the product, and the tool being used to cut it.”

Jimmy Hintzke | Architectural Renaissance Techniques
“I had never used CAD-CAM before taking this class. After, I was cutting parts within 2 days.”

M.D. | Training Attendee
“The knowledge I obtained was priceless.”

P.B. | Training Attendee
“The delivery was superb and very easy to relate to.”

S.W. | Training Attendee
“I’ve been on some very expensive engineering courses that could not come close to the quality of this.”

Ian | Training Attendee
“The instructor truly has a gift, and that gift is teaching others.”

D.N. Jr. | Training Attendee
“This class allowed us to get an immediate return on our investment.”

R.B. | Training Attendee
“This shaved hundreds of hours off my learning curve.”

Jan | Training Attendee
“I’ve been a user for many years and I’m very happy with the product. When I do have a question, I go to my BobCAD-CAM Training Professor & Video Series.”

Larry G. | Customer