Multiaxis Milling Enhancements in Newly Released BobCAD-CAM V30

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BobCAD-CAM’s V30 release has brought a ton of new Multiaxis Milling enhancements to our 4 & 5 Axis machining CNC software. This includes our Mill 4 Axis Standard, Mill 4 Axis Pro and Mill 5 Axis Pro modules. Automation and control are some of the most defining features of this upgrade, giving machinists their best products possible. The latest enhancement are as follows:

BobCAD-CAM’s Mill 4 Axis Standard Rotary Toolpath features Adaptive Stepover and improved sequencing for drilling operations. With Adaptive Stepover, steep areas that would normally cause gaps in the Toolpath are filled with additional passes to match the consistency of the rest of the Toolpath. What used to require an additional step is now achievable all in one operation. Lower cycle times are the result of new and improved sequencing options in this CAD-CAM software. When using Cross, or Multiaxis Drilling operations, you will find new, highly effective ways to maximize the efficiency of the sequence. For our Crossing Drilling, we now offer Along, and Around Rotation Axis sequences, and even a Custom Direction option you can define yourself. No matter what type of Drilling or Tapping type you choose, you can always manually pick the geometry in the order you want it to be machined or let BobCAD-CAM find the next closest hole for you! BobCAD-CAM’s Mill 4 Axis Pro boasts the ability to apply the rapid distance, as well as the feed distance, in the tool plane instead of the tool axis plane. Use this option for machining with undercut tools, e.g. a slot mill, where engagement is usually from the side and axial retractions are not wanted.

Custom Direction in Cross Drilling

Custom Direction in Cross Drilling can be defined by the user.

Upgrades to BobCAD-CAM Mill 5 Axis Pro gives users the control that has eluded them in previous versions. Contact point based feed rate optimization, although not used in classic milling operations, has been added to achieve a constant feed per tooth. The Toolpath Feedrate is controlled by the actual contact point of the surface and the contact point of the tool. A new algorithm in our Multiaxis Roughing now supports rotational, or so called periodic pocket geometries. Before, the tool didn’t continuously follow the pocket, guaranteeing an overlap when the pattern returned on the surface edge seam. The new algorithm helps to ensure that all areas are handled with smooth Multiaxis movements. The gradual side tilt angle change for fixed angle to axis feature gives users unsurpassed control over the range of tilt during machining. Simply define the start angle and end angle, and the tool gradually changes the tilt angle between those angles. In cases like a turbine blade finishing Toolpath, this feature helps to ensure the tool stays clear of obstacles like the blade root.

Ease of use has been the major focus behind these next enhancements in 5 Axis Pro. We’ll start from the bottom with Swarf Sorting. The sorting algorithm for multiple cuts has been extended, now the first cut can start from the bottom. Isn’t that easy? The new Automatic Arc lead option is a great way to ensure clean leads.The first spline leaves the surface tangentially in the surface normal direction, the second spline connects tangentially into the plunge or retract motion, using the tool axis tilting orientation. This lead option even works in combination with collision checking. Moving us closer to one-click machining, new Automatic Clearance Area. With this feature, the system automatically determines the clearance area type, position and dimension, and tries to maintain the most suitable setting for each pattern. Finally, new Multiaxis Posting options are available when using Select Between Two Solutions. Solution closest to 0 and Solution not closest to 0 options now give users predictable results. With these options, the sum of the 2 angles has been found for each solution, this way you know which result you’re choosing.  
Explore the full list of new features to Multiaxis Milling in BobCAD-CAM V30 by downloading your free demo here.

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