BobCAM for SolidWorks Training Professor

New BobCAM Training Professor Video Series

The New BobCAM for SolidWorks Training Professor Video Series is a comprehensive training package geared to helping you master your Gold Partner BobCAM add-on at a pace that you are comfortable with. Step by Step training exercises walk you through design and machining techniques for every machining strategy that the software offers and are proven to accelerate learning. Each exercise offers visual aids as well as written instruction at a gradient level so that you can learn design as well as CAM. Each part file that is used in the lessons has been included so that you can move forward to machining the same part created in each lesson without having to re-draw anything. Train on your own time at a pace that works for you. Going Pro has just gotten easier!

The BobCAM Training Professor Video Series contains:

  • 450 Page Digital Workbook
  • 2 CD Video Box Set with 65 individual training videos
  • Corresponding CAD Files

This training package allows you to train at your own pace putting you on the fast track to CNC programming success.

New BobCAM Training Professor Workbook Now Available

BobCAM Training ManualThe new V3 Training Video Series workbook offers over 440 pages of training lessons that corresponds with the training videos so that you can accelerate the learning process and become an expert fast at how to use the latest BobCAM machining plug-in right inside of SolidWorks!

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